Classic Barware: King-Sized Cubes


Tovolo King Cubes

Vintage glasses merit old-school ice cubes.

Any fan of the pre-prohibition bar movement has enjoyed the upgrade of large, hand-crafted ice cubes. Not only do these giant blocks make your drink look cool, but they actually serve the purpose of melting slower to preserve the intention of the concoction.  Uniquely sculpted cubes have typically been limited to heady cocktail bars like NYC’s Milk & Honey or ATL’s Holeman & Finch, but we stumbled upon classic trays for your home bar (made by Tovolo) at the acclaimed vintage emporium, The Hour, in Alexandria, VA.  Anyone can buy a highbrow wine opener or unique barware, but this kind of understated intentionality is bound to have a memorable impact on party guests. So whether you’re hosting in-the-know mixology heads or just regular ol’ drinkers who never knew ice could be presented in such a tasteful way … this, is how a cocktail should be served. Vintage Dorothy Thorpe glasses not included, but recommended.


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