Cypress Point Club

Hole 15 at Cypress Point

The sexiest par-3 in the world: 15 at Cypress.

There are certain classic golf courses (Pinehurst, St. Andrews) that will forever be mimicked. Then there are a select few where even imitation is impossible. Enter: Cypress Point Club. Built in 1926 and designed by Dr. Alister MacKenzie, Cypress combines a brilliant design and pristinely manicured conditions with the jaw-dropping and iconic visual backdrop of 17 Mile Drive.  In short, it’s like if Augusta National had a Pebble Beach address. Holes meander through towering sand dunes, slope around cypress trees and play across cliffs to peninsula greens out in the Pacific.

But behind their “you-can’t-dream-this-up” aesthetic, there is an understated elegance. The clubhouse is far from a grand affair, the tiny pro shop also acts as a snack bar and wooden lockers have names of the members who share them written by hand.  It’s a golf club that seems exclusive and arrogant on the surface, but if you ever get that magic invitation to play, it’s surprisingly unpretentious, warm and welcoming.

Considering Cypress Point is consistently ranked in the top 3 in the world, this is certainly a virtue that we should all try and emulate.



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2 responses to “Cypress Point Club

  1. Jon

    I believe that is number 16. Great post! I love the site.

    • Thanks, Jon. The photo (taken with my phone back in July) is actually #15, the shorter–and less famous–of the two back-to-back par 3’s on the back side. You can see the green of #16 way out in the distance. Thanks for the kudos.

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