Listen Now: The Morning Benders

We were turned on to San Francisco’s indie darlings, The Morning Benders in the spring, just before their album dropped (Big Echo, out on Rough Trade). But it was their video rendition of the song “Excuses” that recently blew our mind. The song is already a beautiful sonic kaleidoscope, filled with Motown back-beats, 1950s doo-wop vocals and a string section that would make George Martin swoon. But having a killer song wasn’t enough. Crooner (and songwriter) Christopher Cru wanted to re-record the tune using Phil Spector’s wall-of-sound technique. So the band corralled friends–which they dubbed the Echo Chamber Orchestra–and piled them into the studio so that multiple guitars, drummers, singers were all playing the same part at the same time. We aren’t sure if this classic recording technique really made the song any better … but seeing fresh-faced youngsters pull off something so endearingly old school will instantly make you wish that you had been there, just to be apart of it.  Enjoy.


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