The Greatest Generation

The Greatest Generation

Great cover, great read.

It just seems appropriate (with yesterday being Veteran’s Day) to recognize a piece of inspiring literature about our country’s finest. Written by Tom Brokaw, The Greatest Generation is a chapter-by-chapter account of the men and women who served during WWII. It was a time when Americans put everything aside for the war effort; a time where women left their homes to go into the workforce; a time when auto manufacturing plants were turned into assembly lines for tank parts. America not only came together in such cohesive manner, but excessively celebrated their soldiers who returned home.

Reading about these youngsters who put their life on the line and came back as glorified war heroes … yet never wanted any of the credit, was such a striking contrast to the celebrity obsessed culture we now live in. With many growing up in the Great Depression, these great soldiers were simply happy to serve the country, and happy to have the opportunity to come home and make a life for themselves. Reading it was shockingly refreshing, and inspiring.

It’s a book that immediately makes you realize why our country is so great today. And how much debt we owe… not only to the Greatest Generation, but to our men and women who unselfishly protect us 365 days a year. To all of you, thank you.



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