Make the Classic Falcons Uniforms Permanent!

Photo from

Damn, that's a good looking ballclub. (Photo credit: Jimmy Cribb)

Obviously teams like the Packers have a history that the Falcons can’t match. They’ve simply been around longer. But they’ve also stayed consistent with their attire so that the modern day helmet of Aaron Rogers looks exactly like the fuzzy television images of Bart Starr. The Falcons have gone through a variety of styles since their inaugural season in 1966, but their original uni’s (now being showcased in big name games, such as Thursday night’s victory over Baltimore) are as timeless as they are awesome.

A great friend to Simple Classic Living, Mr. Michael Dorio, created this petition to bring back the throwback uniforms as a permanent fixture. Black jerseys, white britches, and the iconic red helmet with a black logo on the side, stripe down the middle and super-traditional gray facemasks.

While we don’t play in a historic outdoor stadium, nor do we have a Super Bowl championship (yet), we DO have nearly all the pieces in place: great coach, great position players, great fanbase … seems like all we’re missing is the iconic look.

Make it happen, sign the petition here:



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