Gourmet to Go: Thanksgiving

Vintage Coke Ad

The ideal Thanksgiving seen in a 1940's Coke ad.

The classic way to spend Thanksgiving is with a big family meal, prepared all morning and devoured in the afternoon … with napping, football and a roaring fire to follow. However, not everyone has family close by, nor does everyone have kitchen ability (or fireplaces). Plus, some folks would rather just not spend their day off in a hot kitchen with the pressure of cooking for family and friends.

We understand, and sympathize.

With turkey day a week away, we have a last second answer to those wanting to enjoy blissful gluttony but without the time and energy being expended in the kitchen: Have someone else cook everything for you. There are plenty of traditional, gourmet-to-go options in Atlanta (as well as in other cities), but our choice for this year’s feast is Muss & Turners

With their highly anticipated new restaurant, Local Three, on the verge of opening, M&T takes their momentum to the Thanksgiving table with a ridiculous menu. Besides offering three sizes of Tanglewood Farms turkeys, gussied up sides such as butternut squash soup with toasted pumpkin seeds, truffled mac ‘n’ cheese with smoked bacon, and brown butter sweet potatoes will make you instantly approve your decision of not cooking yourself.

Just because you’re schedule has been out of control lately, or because you don’t have Mom cooking for you doesn’t mean you can’t eat well on Thursday. Just don’t let basking in the glow of your new found convenience get in the way of what brought you to the table: Giving thanks.



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