Philosophy Friday: Go Slow

Record player bedroom - Sarah Dorio

Record player, books. Go Slow. (Photo: Sarah Dorio)

In this instant-access, bullet train-paced society that we live in, surviving doesn’t just mean changing with the rapidly moving times. It means being connected to business all hours of the day, it means keeping up with friends via their social media platforms, it means losing the ability to escape. But when it comes to things in life that are meaningful, adopting a slow philosophy – one that focuses on the basic inner-workings and bare bones simplicity – will instantly heighten these experiences.

When cooking at home, buy organic and local. When playing golf, walk. When driving, do so in a car that doesn’t parallel park itself. When drinking, be adventurous with American craft beers.  When shaving, do so with a mug and a brush. When jotting down notes, put down the cell phone and pick up a Moleskin. When getting a Christmas tree, chop it down and tote it home. When dining in, eat around the dinner table. When wanting to jog, do so outside … in whatever weather is out there. When listening to your favorite artist, use a turntable.

As much as convenience as new technology presents, at times we lose sight of why we liked it in the first place.



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One response to “Philosophy Friday: Go Slow

  1. Rob

    I agree completely with the thoughts expressed, however we must all take some personal responsibility and allow others to slow down as well.

    If we want to eat local, we have to be understanding when your favorite item isn’t on the menu due to issues on the farm.

    If we want to be able to disconnect occasionally, we must also accept when others don’t return our emails within 5 minutes, no matter their smart phone capabilities or the importance of the email.

    Allowing ourselves to slow down is tough, but allowing others to slow down is tougher.

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