Jet-Setting Philosophy: Embrace Customs

Vintage NYC

The idea of "shopping in NYC" was never meant to include national chains.

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” has long been a sound travel philosophy, but with America’s global corporate reach, it’s become harder to avoid what we already see in every day life. But you’ll find the more you make an effort to embrace whatever culture you’re in, the more memorable and eye-opening experience you’ll have. Sure it takes a little time to read up on the customs of new cities or other countries, but getting wooed off the street by a singing restaurateur in NYC’s Little Italy district sure as hell beats grabbing a slice at Sbarro in Times Square. So be gregarious with curiosity, don’t be afraid to converse with the locals, try your best to blend in and document your experience with cards and photographs … because THIS, will be an experience you’ll want to remember and share.


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One response to “Jet-Setting Philosophy: Embrace Customs

  1. You are so right; getting off a train in Vienna to be faced with LensCrafters was not the old world image I had conjured in my mind prior to my trip!

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