Southern Rivalries: UGA vs GT

Bill Curry

Think this game doesn't matter? (Photo: AJC)

Seeing that our hometown of Atlanta is a transplant city –one where it seems everyone’s “favorite team” lies in a different part of the country–we simply don’t see the intensity this time of year that’s felt in towns like Ann Arbor or Tuscaloosa. And even though some will try and claim that Florida or Auburn is a bigger rival for Georgia, or that this game matters little towards Tech’s annual goal of winning the ACC, make no mistake: tonight’s UGA-GT game is a BIG deal. And we think, no matter where you’re from (or that both teams have been a massive let down in 2010), you should pick a side and root for like hell for them. 

Perhaps you’re in love with Paul Johnson’s 1970s style option attack. Or maybe it’s the fact that Mark Richt still hasn’t sold out to the spread offense. Maybe you prefer the quaint, historic feel of Grant Field, or the tradition that comes Between the Hedges. Perhaps you’ve fallen in love with the Classic City’s music, arts and culinary scene. Or maybe it’s simply the fact that, despite having an Athens location, the Varsity will always belong to Georgia Tech. Heisman went to Tech, Herschel went to Georgia. And when toe meets leather tonight under the lights in Athens, all this matters.

You’ll always have UNC, Ohio State or the New York Yankees … but picking a local team and showing a vested interest not only makes each fall a little more fun, it will give you an enriched identity within this community.

And for the record, Go Dawgs.



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  1. M.O.P.

    Killer photo. Bill Curry is an all-time class act. UGA fans could learn a lot from that man. With that said, whats the good word? TO HELL WITH GEORGIA.

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