Classic Ski Holiday: Telluride, CO

Oldschool Townhuey

Iconic travel: Telluride, CO. (Photo: Telluride Ski Resort)

Telluride has always been a bit illusive, for even the passionate ski buff. Located in the nearly inaccessible southern tip of Colorado, simply getting there is beyond inconvenient. (Unless of course you pony up the $1000-per ticket price and fly direct into their tiny landing strip, 9,000 feet up.) And the fact that it’s turned into bit of a new-school Aspen in recent years further confirms the affordability issue.

But it’s the single place that tops our “Places We Must One Day Ski” list and it’s about time to start planning for 2011…

Spectacular, panoramic views of craggily peaks hang high above the quaint mountain town, looking as if the Old American West magically landed in St. Anton Austria. Crowds are traditionally limited, the terrain is matched only by the views, and the historically registered town boasts not a single chain store or restaurant.

In short, it’s a uniquely authentic, winter paradise. Escapism at it’s finest. And this year we’ll be tempted to more than ever to make it our annual ski destination, as Telluride is running a flat-stupid special: 5 nights lodging and 3 days skiing for $89 per night. (Follow their Twitter feed, @VisitTelluride, for more deals.) Even though navigating your way too-and-from the San Juan Mountains will be costly and time consuming, just think of it as part of the adventure to escape.



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