Classic Gift: Rules for My Unborn Son

Rules for My Unborn Son

Published in late '09, but could have come from '49.

Shopping madness is officially upon us, and along with it comes the annual stress of gift giving. And while extravagant gifts can certainly make big splashes, it’s the small surprises and thoughtful gestures that tend to truly wow loved ones during the holidays.

For this reason, we heartily endorse giving Walker Lamond’s instant classic, Rules for My Unborn Son.

This thoughtful book of simple rules, classic quotes and endearing illustrations is a perfect addition to any distinguished man’s library. A modern day gentleman’s guide, it’s quick quips are built for the attention-span generation, yet are written and illustrated in a way that will instantly make your grandfather smile. It’s unique color, size and entertaining tidbits make it perfect to display in any room in the house. Put it out and watch your guests delightfully lose themselves for a minute or two … before asking you where to get it.

Gift giving is always more fun when you know you’ve found something that someone else will treasure. And treasuring things, is what Rules for My Unborn Son is all about.



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