We Remember: John Lennon


Why... is right. (Photo: Harry Benson)

It was 30 years ago tonight, when Mark David Chapman asked John Lennon for an autograph outside his New York City apartment before taking the life of the beloved Beatle. Despite his massive celebrity, Lennon enjoyed roaming the city streets without security. He loved being among the people, and the people treasured him. For many reasons.

Outside of being one-half of the world’s most brilliant songwriting duo, and a heartthrob to every young lady in 1964 … he was honest. He was funny. He was bold. He was quick-witted. He stood up for things he believed in. He took action. He was a fighter. He was unique. He was flawed. And he wasn’t afraid to love someone, nor was he afraid to admit it.

We’re sorry we can never say we lived in the world with John Lennon in it. It sure seemed like a brilliant place.



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One response to “We Remember: John Lennon

  1. It was a brilliant place and it still can be, if you live life to the words of “Imagine”.

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