Philosophy: Starting Over Takes Time

tbs studios

Hello, new office.

It’s been a rather bizarre few months. I lost my job just before holiday season kicked into gear, so I spent December interviewing, freelancing and shopping for Christmas. How I managed to quickly land a job at Turner as a television producer for one of their franchise shows, is beyond me. But despite the marvelous turn-of-events, I am severely disappointed in at my lack of editorial on SCL. I hate starting something that I become too busy to actually keep up with … a trait that is far from classic.

But I have to remind myself, that when life throws you curveballs (both good and bad), it takes time. It takes time to adjust to new environments, new responsibilities, new people. There are new routines to learn, traditions to inherit and new fields to study. It takes time to deal with any major shift lifestyle, but this is something that my green-light-means-go personality has a hard time dealing with.

I should have taken a hiatus on SCL in Mid-December with a “See you in 2011” posting. But I kept telling myself, that outside of my four steady freelancing jobs, interviewing and scrambling like crazy to find employment, I would have the time, energy and creativity to keep things up at a reasonable pace. I was obviously wrong.

Now that things are a little more settled on my work front, I look forward to getting back on the editorial train. But part of living classically is realizing that these things take time … and that’s okay.



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2 responses to “Philosophy: Starting Over Takes Time

  1. Glad you found a nice landing pad! Congrats!

  2. Glad you found a great job! Congrats! Can’t wait for new posts to come.

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