What We Can Learn From Glass Bottle Cokes

Coca-Cola, the way it should be enjoyed.

Somewhere along the way, our society went from occasionally enjoying 8 ounces of fizzy Coca-Cola, poured out of a glass bottle and savored as a once-in-a-while indulgence, to speed guzzling 64oz in go-cups during routine fill-ups at the pump. Not only have we made extremism and bad health a commonality, but more importantly, we’ve deluded one of the great and innocent pleasures in life.

Dating back to when I was a child, enjoying a Coke, (especially one “pulled” out of the machine after church) was a treat. It was a magic elixir that came in a frosty glass bottle. It was something I looked forward to because there wasn’t that much of it and I wasn’t allowed to drink it that often.

But as adults, it’s a what-we-want, when-we-want life. And whether you’re talking about boozing-to-excess, shopping on credit or gluttonous dining, it’s easy to over-do it. But life’s true pleasures so often happen when there isn’t an abundance. It’s when there is simply a little of something, and it’s something you cherish. Whether that means a celebratory glass of scotch, a weekend trip to the beach or a splurge-worthy new jacket for winter … it’s something memorable, something precious and something you sincerely look forward to.

So next time you’re in the grocery about to buy 2 liters in bulk, consider the little six pack of glass bottle Cokes. And let the anticipation begin.


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One response to “What We Can Learn From Glass Bottle Cokes

  1. Justin Estes

    Well said sir!

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