Simple, Classic Super Bowl.

This year's Super Bowl MVP can also rock classic facial hair.

It seems like every Falcon’s fan I know violently wanted the Packers to lose on Sunday night. Which I definitely understand considering the beating we took in our own stadium. (Especially, after a year filled with such promise.) But regardless of who you pull for, it’s tough to ignore the fact that the outcome of this year’s Super Bowl was pretty universally fitting … and quite deserving.

The Packers’ win was fitting because of how many years Brett Favre selfishly put himself ahead of the team, the organization and the fans. The win was fitting because Aaron Rodgers waited his turn without complaining, and then filled the shoes that were supposed to be impossible to fill. The win was fitting because it reminded sports fans (and the media) that small market teams can succeed, too. The win was fitting because Big Ben needed another season before his un-gentlemanly conduct would be in the rear view mirror. The win was fitting because the people in the Midwest, who live and breathe Packers football 24/7 365 … have gone through a lot in recent years, and they deserve it.

If the Falcons get to the Super Bowl in the near future, I think the triumphant story will get a similar “feel good” script. I just hope football fans around the country will acknowledge that, regardless of who we beat along the way.


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