When Life Gets Tough, Connect With Inspiring People.

The author, with one of his heroes in 2006.

No matter how charmed your life, everyone goes through tough times; times where sadness or frustration wears on you to the point that you simply want to be left alone. However, going into hibernation mode often compounds the problem. The true key to getting out of the doldrums–no matter how severe or trivial–is being among people you love and admire.

Turning to family or friends for support certainly helps, but sometimes you need more than that. You need a new perspective. You need a spark. You need an inspiration. So it’s during these times I reach out to people I look up to, people I admire, and people who – just corresponding with them puts a spring in my step. Sometimes it’s my parents or close friends, other times it’s people who have been mentors or inspirations in business or industry.

But we all face challenges, we all go through down times, we all struggle with things. But these aren’t the times you should go at it alone.



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2 responses to “When Life Gets Tough, Connect With Inspiring People.

  1. It’s true that at the core of human need lies social interaction. Surrounding yourself with positive vibes and creativity is motivating–and contagious.

  2. zoecarnate

    Right on. I too draw inspiration in difficult moments this way.

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