Stop Bitching and Embrace Your City.

Something most Atlantans can agree on: The Bilmore is awesome.

It amazes me how much people tend to complain about their city … errr well, my city. But outside of living a completely rural existence, metropolitans no matter how big or small (hip or unhip, coastal or midland) tend to offer opportunities for nearly every interest and personality. You just have to dig in a little and find them.

Make an effort to get involved. Take time to explore. Research your city’s history and stake a claim in its identity.

Sure, your town might not have the scope of New York or San Francisco (few cities do), but finding little pockets of people or places that fit your eye, your taste, your interests … makes the experience of discovery even more unique. It’s knowing a hidden scene that you love yet isn’t that well known to the general public. And that is where the magic and excitement lies.

So next time you’re whining about traffic or a lack of good restaurants, ask yourself this: Are you really getting the most out of what your city has to offer? For those whining the loudest, I would think the answer is typically “no.”



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3 responses to “Stop Bitching and Embrace Your City.

  1. jon

    Well said, couldn’t agree with you more.

  2. Well Sir – I couldn’t agree more. No matter where I’ve lived (and I’ve lived in some dreadful little burgs), I’ve been able to find the neat coffeehouse or tasty bistro…the crazy vintage store and spot with a beautiful vantage of the city.

    You don’t have to live like a tourist – but you do have to embrace what where you live has to offer. Each and every day. AND – once in a while – go to the World of Coke (for example) – it’s like more fun than you remember.

    • Wendy

      You are correct, my mother taught us the value of this when we were very little. I have 5 sisters and we did not have a lot of money growing up but she would say, “let’s play tourist today” and it was amazing the things we found to do for very little money. And I have continued this tradition everywhere I have lived and with my own children.

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