Life is Simple Under the Moonlight.

The Strokes played SNL over the weekend, and while they blew through their sock-hop / retro Strokes-of-old anthem, “Under the Cover of Darkness,” they surprisingly debuted a brand new song for their encore performance. “Life is Simple in the Moonlight” is the last track on their upcoming album, Angles, and it reaffirmed that at least two songs have re-captured the magic of a decade ago. The song is gentle and melodic and reeks of the innocence that was first heard on the title track of “Is This It,” something that has become less and less existent in their later years. On Moonlight, Julian Casablancas sounds like some hip lounge singer from the 60s fast forwarded through time. Rarely are catchy melodies delivered in subtle ways, but when they are … God, it’s like you can’t get enough. 

It’s a tune that makes you want to cautiously shimmy in place and wish for the moment you were that guy. 

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  1. I LOVE the “cautiously shimmy in place” line. Awesome.

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