Instant Classic: Beer Growlers.

Beer growlers - hipster facial hair and scarf not included.

Some things in life just make so much sense. In-N-Out Burger, The Beatles, Parks and Recreation.

And now there is this humdinger for the drinking crowd: beer growlers. The low-down: First, you purchase these refillable (and kick-ass looking) jugs from your local brewery or hops emporium. Second, have them top it off with whatever fresh (read: ironic and local) beer they have available that day. Third, enjoy your 64oz of obscure beverage with fellow suds connoisseurs. Finally, return to brewery to refill your growler with an adventurous new beer. Repeat process.

And not only is the name “beer growler” fun to say, going anywhere with a growler – to your home, or better – to a party – is guaranteed to make you feel cool. Atlantans can pick up their own growler here.


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