Authenticity in Tough Times.

Getting Real with Readers: Joanna Goddard, of "A Cup of Joe"

Pursuing Twitter this morning we came upon a tweet from one of the more uplifting lifestyle writers out there — Joanna Goddard — the face and voice behind A Cup of Jo. It read: “A post about the hardest two months of my life. Difficult to write. (link)”

A notoriously positive and uplifting writer with a strong following, this wasn’t exactly typical fodder for her. But as you’ll read here, she honestly and openly talks about becoming depressed after the birth of her firstborn.

In a society that is always image-conscious, it was refreshing to read about an Internet mainstay, not hiding the turbulent times, but having the courage to tell her story in hopes that it might give optimism or comfort to others going through the same thing.

There isn’t a person on the planet that doesn’t occasionally have a tough go-at-it … this is such a wonderful reminder that hey, it’s okay to talk about it. And if fact, it likely helps.

Well done, Joanna. Well done.


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