Getting Back to Old Priorities

Remember when this was all that mattered?

As a kid, so many things brought us simple, pure joy. Hobbies and holidays weren’t just an escape from homework or chores, but they led to daydreaming and inspiration. Whether it was sports, music, vacation, arts, television, reading – these activities were “fun,” in the most sincere sense of the word.

But as we get older, a funny thing starts to happen. Drinking often begins to accompany these things. And it becomes not a rarity, but a habit: We drink at the beach. We drink when watching sporting events (and pre and post game). Where do we see live music once we’re “of age”? At bars. We drink on the golf course, while skiing or playing softball. We open that bottle of wine when reading or catching up on our favorite show. We often meet up with friends for dinner or drinks … or both.

Does drinking heighten the experience that much more? Does it take it from enjoyable to epic … or from fabulous to forgettable? It’s probably safe to say that both examples are true.

I know we can’t necessarily re-claim that childhood enthusiasm we once had, but this is a good reminder to not let social drinking overtake your love for a subject. It’s hard enough as an adult to find time for interests outside of work/home/family, but that should make those few interests you do have time for, all the more precious.


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