Springtime Accessory: Hook Handle Umbrellas

Show the world you've arrived

Of all my accessories, from pocket squares to lapel pins, weekender bags to Wayfarers, the one I piece get the most compliments on … is my umbrella. By no means is it a fancy umbrella. There are no crazy patterns and it doesn’t boast a different color underlining. It’s simply all black with wooden hook handle. And it cost upwards of $10. At Target.

I like it because it’s big enough to for two people. I like that it has the right touch of dramatic and sophisticated. And I like that it’s just meaningful enough where you won’t leave it at a restaurant or in the back of a cab. Sure it requires a little bit of purpose to carry it around, but there in lies the statement. Being intentional, even in the smallest areas, causes people to take notice.

So as May showers begin to permeate our iPhone weather apps, don’t be afraid to replace that crappy, foldable, compact umbrella you got on the streets of NYC two years ago with a proper, full-sized, hook handle umbrella. For a mere $10, it keeps you dry. And also says, “This guy has arrived.”



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2 responses to “Springtime Accessory: Hook Handle Umbrellas

  1. So what kind of statement does “I’ve never owned an umbrella in my life” make? My strategy has always been to keep my hair short enough that it dries quickly when I get rained on. My skin is already waterproof, so I’m good to go there. Plus, not carrying an umbrella gives me a good excuse to run in the rain, which is why I’m in such good shape.

  2. Lori

    So glad you are blogging again! I will be purchasing an upgrade umbrella for hubby today 😉

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