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Springtime Accessory: Hook Handle Umbrellas

Show the world you've arrived

Of all my accessories, from pocket squares to lapel pins, weekender bags to Wayfarers, the one I piece get the most compliments on … is my umbrella. By no means is it a fancy umbrella. There are no crazy patterns and it doesn’t boast a different color underlining. It’s simply all black with wooden hook handle. And it cost upwards of $10. At Target.

I like it because it’s big enough to for two people. I like that it has the right touch of dramatic and sophisticated. And I like that it’s just meaningful enough where you won’t leave it at a restaurant or in the back of a cab. Sure it requires a little bit of purpose to carry it around, but there in lies the statement. Continue reading



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New American Standard: Schoolhouse Electric

Schoolhouse Electric: Redefining the American aesthetic, one Edison bulb at a time.

On a day that tends to be synonymous with both being American, and being a consumer (thanks, Presidents Day Sales everywhere!), we thought it would be a proper time to pay homage to a company that’s helping reinvent the reputation of American-made goods: Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.

What started as a company who took pre-war lighting molds and turned them into historically accurate luminaries (that also happen to be wired for modern day energy efficiency), Schoolhouse Electric has expanded through the years to make or curate home and office furnishings that are tasteful, simple, and downright charming.

Schoolhouse-style wall clocks, hanging maps of the United States, super-industrial Ace Pilot staplers, extension chords that are as beautiful as they are practical, minimalist fountain pens, drafting chairs, button-backed sofas … we could go on, but it’s better if you just see for yourself. But fair warning: prepare to be tempted.

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Back to Basics: Automotive Simplicity

Simple Dashboard

Yes, that's a tape deck and a Nokia cell phone holder.

For the last three years, I’ve been leasing a 2008 Audi A4. But my lease ended last week, and with the topsy-turvy world of freelancing now paying the bills, it didn’t make much sense to dump some $500 a month into another German luxury vehicle. Thankfully, my parents had a car they weren’t using and have allowed me to borrow it for a while.

It’s a white, 2001 Ford Taurus that has 215,000 miles on it.

One might think going from a slick luxury vehicle with paddle shifters, digital thermostats and heated seats to a car I jokingly dubbed “The Ford Tauntaun” (in reference to both the ride-able Star Wars Hoth creatures, and Chuck Klosterman’s identical ride in Killing Myself to Live), might cause a little bit of self pity.

But with its masculine American engine, super heavy doors and government vehicle façade, I’ve grown to like the Tauntaun in my first week. Continue reading

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Classic Gift Idea: Reston Lloyd Calypso Colander

Lime Green Colander

Don't be afraid to put this bad boy out on display.

Who knew straining pasta could be so stylish? And this beautiful colander doesn’t just come in lime green, but is available in a myriad of colors (red, baby blue, yellow) that will look just as good on display as they do in action. (Might we suggest using it to hold fruit when it’s not on straining duty?) It comes in a handful of sizes, 3-quart, 5-quart, or 7-quart and is an instant upgrade to nearly any kitchen. For more totally tasteful gift ideas, we helped our pals at come up with this list of holiday gifts for gents. Read on.

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Unique Christmas Cards

Holiday Card

If you're going to send a card, make it a good one.

Sending cards via electronic mail is cheap, convenient and makes sense in the uber-connected society that we live in. It also makes those rare occasions of receiving a card in the mail all the more special. And we find no other better time to go old school than at Christmas.

The trick to card sending during the holidays is finding a card that is as unique as it is tasteful. And while we know they have more locations across the US, we’re incredibly thankful to have a Paper Source in our city of Atlanta. Pick up sets, custom cards or even design your own through their website. (Did we mention they’ve got great stocking stuffers and holiday stamps as well?) If you only send one “real” card this year, might as well make it a good one.


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Classic Barware: King-Sized Cubes


Tovolo King Cubes

Vintage glasses merit old-school ice cubes.

Any fan of the pre-prohibition bar movement has enjoyed the upgrade of large, hand-crafted ice cubes. Not only do these giant blocks make your drink look cool, but they actually serve the purpose of melting slower to preserve the intention of the concoction.  Uniquely sculpted cubes have typically been limited to heady cocktail bars like NYC’s Milk & Honey or ATL’s Holeman & Finch, but we stumbled upon classic trays for your home bar (made by Tovolo) at the acclaimed vintage emporium, The Hour, in Alexandria, VA.  Anyone can buy a highbrow wine opener or unique barware, but this kind of understated intentionality is bound to have a memorable impact on party guests. So whether you’re hosting in-the-know mixology heads or just regular ol’ drinkers who never knew ice could be presented in such a tasteful way … this, is how a cocktail should be served. Vintage Dorothy Thorpe glasses not included, but recommended.

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