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The Magic of Subtlety (Lesson Courtesy of The Whigs).

I had a lengthy talk on Monday with Julian Dorio, the drummer for Nashville (via Athens) jangle-y rock darlings, The Whigs. Julian sent me 20-or-so songs they’re considering for their fourth album, and after spending a few weeks with them, I realized something.

While The Whigs are very good at playing big rock songs in big rock arenas (see: multiple tours with KOL), when they play delicate tunes, they are something truly special. Their catalog undoubtedly skews towards power trio, but their down-tempo numbers have this unique quality of being beautiful, melodic, and honest … but without hitting you over the head. And I think that’s where the timeless magic lies. If a song is understated and catchy, it’s like you can’t ever get enough of it.

While I obviously can’t leak any of their new stuff, I can say one song (“Thank You”) possesses the same special subtlety as my favorite Whigs tune (“Written Invitation,” above).

When it comes down to choosing songs for the new album, I just hope they think as highly of it as I do.


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